Changing to become ourselves

True change is becoming more of who we truly are 

We often say we want to change and yet often times we are coming from a place of non acceptance of who and what we are, from a place of judgment and fear and shame. This only brings more divide and does not nurture a self loving terrain. The irony is, the more we are able to accept where we are, accept the pain for instance, feel it , express it and honor it , the more we open ourselves and rekindle the inner movement of life which brings change naturally . Change is a constant of all living organisms. Yet when this change comes from a deep love of what is, it is lasting, loving and respectful of ourselves. 

The CREATIVE NON-DIRECTIVE APPROACH helps heal the divide within us and ignites change because it is based on acceptance. 
We become more and more of who we truly are, step out of the masquerades of the " Personae" we built to be loved and step into our Authentic self, our beautiful unique nature. In this sense it is a spiritual process because it reveals our authentic self, it enables us to take responsibility for our lives and become creative and engaged individuals. 

We can then create our lives in the image of who we truly are, light and dark , coming from a place of acceptance for our humanity and not from the place of the fragmented self. We can touch upon the true meaning of joy and self - actualization. This process is not linear but circular, and infinite !  

"When love is present and acceptance takes hold all things become possible ! We return to the Heart of the Self and become present to the Heart of the World !"



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