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As a CNDA Therapist i am a relationship specialist, the relationship to ourselves and to other's. I work with individuals, couples and professionals who need coaching, guidance, support and a safe place to explore their challenges.


I help people find their inner ressources and better understand what actions and attitudes towards themselves, their emotions and needs, help them and which actions hinder them and their relationships. In this setting they can be heard and accepted as they are,  and enlighten the aspects of their lives which are dissatisfying and understand which actions to take towards the satisfaction of their needs and ultimately their joy.


It is with the deep seated belief that we are all on our unique journey  and that each individual has within him or her the resssources to create a better life for themselves that i offer my services as a counselor, regulator , teacher  and workshop facilitator.

For a better relationship with oneself and other's

Individual CNDA Therapy 



1160 St-Joseph est 

Bureau 201

Montréal , Québec







French and English 

Receipt on demand 


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Cultivating our inner Value 

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Katherine Barr, TRA-Thérapeute en Relation d'aide par l'ANDC

CNDA Relationship Therapist md

1160 St-Joseph est, bureau 201, Montréal, Québec  

Tel.: 438-875-3494