What is the Creative Non-Directive Approach ?

The CNDA proposes to turn one’s attention inward.  It nurtures the habit of thinking about oneself first, of becoming aware of oneself, of understanding, accepting and, above all, of loving oneself.  This attitude, too long dismissed as being selfish, is nonetheless the most liberating and “helping” attitude there is.  Indeed, how can we know, understand, listen to, respect, and love others if we are not able to know, to listen to, respect and love ourselves?  How can we accept others with their strengths, weaknesses, and contradictions if we cannot accept our own? It is precisely through this ability to focus on ourselves that we become responsible for our needs and journey towards more freedom.

When we have integrated the notion of responsibility we are no longer subject to others or to life’s events.  We develop progressively an inclination towards action which becomes natural for us and through which we learn to reach inner freedom, success, and satisfaction.


According to the CNDA (creative non directive approach) developed by Colette Portelance, individuals aiming to offer assistance or support to others in their personal or professional lives must first learn to know, understand, and accept themselves. Only then will those in the helping role be able to feel and show true acceptance, trust, and love towards those they are helping, enabling them to fulfil their creative potential and find greater happiness and harmony in their lives.

Katherine has been in practice since 2005 and has created multiple Counseling classes and workshops .


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