Living from the heart… this means feeling . Feeling deeply the world and ourselves in it. It might mean that we are touched by things more easily. Think of children how they are touched by what they see. They are alive and connected . We all come from this heartstate… This state of presence is true living . It is in this state that we can also heal the world around us , as our heart influences deeply our surroundings.


But our heart has been injured. We all have relational wounds. We all have learned , more or less, to close our hearts. To stop feeling because it hurts, it is shameful, it is not the right time, it is disturbing etc… We have learned to close off our vulnerability, to put up defenses and masks , so not to be hurt again. And we are left feeling unsatisfied, tired, confused about ourselves and our relationships. We then loose the connection to our true selves, to our hearts.


As a CNDA relational therapist I realize after years of helping people reconnect to themselves, that what I am actually doing is holding Heartspace , Sacred space , Healing space for them to feel safe enough to venture into their hearts. There they reconnect with past wounds, unacknowledged hurts and traumas, unacknowledged dreams and grievances, and are able to let the emotions come through, be heard and accepted, flow out and be released. They receive my heart felt presence and feedback , they are no longer alone and therefore start to reconnect to themselves and to other's .


This changes a person on a deep level, beyond mind. I notice that always after emotional release of the heart there’s a calmness that sets in, an understanding that is global , deep and holistically, felt not just as a rational understanding, but as a physical, energetic one. In this space I see people have light bulb "ahaha" moments about themselves and their stories. I see them find their power to become responsible for themselves, their needs and their wounds. I see them begin to create their lives in accord to the true self, the true Vulnerable, Beautiful self. I see them change through self acceptance, step out of their masks and have a true loving influence on their families, their friends and there world . This is their journey and it is also my journey with myself , and I am grateful to be a “ holder of sacred heart space” ... or a therapist as some would say.


This journey is the sacred journey into the Heart of the Self.



Katherine Barr, TRA-Thérapeute en Relation d'aide par l'ANDC

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